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    Ultimate Krakow Guide: 35 things what to do in Krakow

    Krakow, the cultural capital of Poland, is one of the most beautiful and lively cities in Europe. With its charming Old Town, fascinating history and friendly people, there is always something to see and do in Krakow. We lived in Krakow for three years and this city grew close to our hearts, it is our second home.If you are planning a trip to this wonderful city, in this article you will find everything you need to know before your trip to Krakow. How to travel to Krakow Krakow is an ideal weekend trip by car from Slovakia. It is not only a destination to visit some of the most beautiful…

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    We will (not) fly to Cambodia, or how coronavirus changed our travel plans.

    We did not want to comment on coronary viruse for a long time, or we are not epidemologists, neither doctors nor scientists. We have critical thinking, we read a lot about it and trying not to panic. Think we’re not the ones to give advices on the Internet. But we been asked what will going to happen to us now. It is why I am writing this blog post, although initially there should be a full positive indication on the topic “how we quit corpo and travel”. How did it all started? The year 2019 was really very fast and hectic. A lot of work, a lot of money saving,…

  • Zápisky zo života, myšlienky a zážitky.
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    Best second hand shops in Krakow.

    Even before the second hands were cool, I went there to dig through and look for original pieces that no one else in our city has. And over the years, love for slow life style has gradually been added and I prefer to buy in second-hand or sew something rather than go to big shopping malls. When we moved to Krakow, in addition to wandering through the city and restaurants with delicious food, we gradually discovered second hands and believe me, Krakow is a second hand paradise. Top second hands in Krakow Tips from Twovelers In Krakow you will find more types of second hand, the very cheapest ones are…

  • Výlety v Európe. Zaujímavé miesta, dobré jedlo a turistika.
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    Tip for weekend trip: Moving sand dunes in Poland

    Sometimes in primary school I learned that they have a desert in Poland. I wasn’t really interested in it, but somehow it miraculously kept this information in my mind, and a few years later, when we moved to Krakow, we began to think about how to get to the desert and whether it really exists. In the article you will find where to find the Polish Sahara and why not underestimate the clothes when you visit it there. Where is the Polish desert? Because of the desert you do not have to travel thousands of kilometers to Africa at all, you only need a hundred, because at our neighbors in…

  • Cestovanie po Poľsku. Itinerár od Tatier až po more.
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    What to see in Poland, from sea to mountains.

    Poland is a slightly underrated country. We are neighbors, but many people have never been here, or have no idea about beautiful places in Poland. So many of us don’t even want to travel to Poland.  I explored Poland for the first time while I was studying in Katowice, and a few years and miles traveled, I came back again, but this time to Krakow. When we explored the beautiful historic town, we decided to explore more cities in Poland. In this article I will show you what magical places are hidden in Poland you may not even know about. Why travel to Poland? You probably already know about the…

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    48 hours in Poznan. What to do in polish city you will fall in love with.

    This city is love at first sight. Poznań is one of the oldest and largest Polish cities. I feel that this city is a combination of Czech city Brno and Polish city Krakow. In the city you will find romantic historic streets, colorful city center, hipster businesses and lots of greenery. Poznań is located in the west of Poland (in Wielkopolska) near the German border and is an important transport point between Berlin and Warsaw. We chose to discover the beauty of this city during the Easter holidays, which we can not recommend because many museums, businesses and other attractions have been closed. But despite that, we enjoyed it very…

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    Crooked forest in Poland. It this forest really so magical?

    When we decided to move to Poland, we created a bucket list of places we want to see and visit. One of these places was the mysterious Crooked Forest, which is in the top 10 of every blog about Poland. Is it really as magical as everyone claims? You can find Krzywy las (Crooked Forest ) near the town of Grzfino, in Nowe Czarnowo near the Polish and German border. A mysterious forest full of oddly-shaped pine trees  in shape of letter J. This forest was formed around 1930 and should grow around 400 pines here.  Trees have been bent sometimes at the age of 7-10. The most mysterious about…