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We will (not) fly to Cambodia, or how coronavirus changed our travel plans.

We did not want to comment on coronary viruse for a long time, or we are not epidemologists, neither doctors nor scientists. We have critical thinking, we read a lot about it and trying not to panic. Think we’re not the ones to give advices on the Internet. But we been asked what will going to happen to us now. It is why I am writing this blog post, although initially there should be a full positive indication on the topic “how we quit corpo and travel”.

How did it all started?

The year 2019 was really very fast and hectic. A lot of work, a lot of money saving, less time for friends and family, but also a lot of nice travel experiences, because we have traveled whole Slovenia and Poland. We decided to marry and planned a year already (we will reveal date at the right time ?).

In December 2019, we decided that it was enough of the nomadic life between the two countries and decided to return to Slovakia. But before that, we wanted to visit our dream country – Cambodia. Go through the country, slow down, use time without computers to sort our thoughts, try a bunch of new tastes and activities, and especially fill this blog with new interesting articles.

This decision was made much before the threat of an epidemic came, now a pandemic. We recalculated everything at least 10 times, prepared for all possible financial and life situations, bought vaccinations, gave notice at work and from the apartment, planned our dream trip, we just did not add the corona virus to the equation.

Life update

Today we started packing things from the apartment that we are handing over next week, discussing whether we are going to Cambodia or not, and finally Slovakia solved it for us. The country is strictly banned and the airport in Bratislava closed just at the time when we supposed to leave.

In a week we will come to Slovakia, unpack things from the car, but we will not meet anyone and walk straight into quarantine ( is mandatory now for everyone who come from abroad). Where it will be we have to figure out with our families, because our housing in Poland ends in a few days. That is also why we have phone calls with the family that resemble a crisis session.

It’s not really our dream journey. We do not rejoice, but we are rather sad, probably as if your dream runs away. This is not the situation we have planned. But we respect it, precisely because of our families, the families of our friends and others we don’t even know, but we do care.

Immunity. Hygiene. Insulation. It is the motto of 2020.

There are ugly comments on the Internet for people returning home from abroad. Please do not hate them, do not curse them. Their lives, just like yours, are hit, and certainly, like us, they didn’t plan it that way. Be aware that these people may have no place to stay abroad, are returning from a business trip, or they may have just decided to return to their native country at the wrong time. But we, like you, are willing to close somewhere for as long as necessary.

In these difficult times, let us support one another, let us help one another. Do not spread anger on the Internet or personally. Do not be ashamed to use the veil, in some countries and in Krakow, people wear it routinely. Do not sell expensive disinfectant gels on the Internet, do not buy more than you actually consume, stay without a beer in a pub for while, and let us be asocial for a while.

We wish everyone strong nerves and especially good health.

Tina and Matej


I'm Tina and I love exploring new places and adventure. I lived and traveled in Poland since 2017. In 2020, I returned to Slovakia, adopted a dog from the shelter, married a great man and now we travel together. If I'm not planning other trips, you can find me watching sunsets, stars or reading fantasy. I will be happy if you travel with me virtually like this and I believe that you will find inspiration to travel here.