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We tried durian the World’s smelliest fruit. How was it?

Durian special fruit from Southeast Asia, which is in many places forbidden to consume, transport, or own.  Certain hotels, airplanes, or restaurants will not let you go in with this fruit. The reason is simple – durian smells.  And the more smelly and disgusting the food, the greater the challenge to try it!

 The durian fruit has an oval shape and is covered with a hard skin with coarse pyramid spines.  Its weight is about 1 to 3 kilograms and can be as big as 50 centimeters. You open it so that you find a weak point in your skin where you cut a knife and cut a durian.  The scent of this exotic fruit is different. Rotten onion, yeast, and a trash can probably be the best explanation for me. The mix you really don’t need to smell when you’re going to eat.

 And as the Czechs have their smelly Olomouc cheeses, in Asia this smelly fruit is considered a great delicacy.  People add it to a lot of dishes, makes ice cream from it, or makes it as a sauce. 

 But is it is really so disgusting?

New York’s Chinatown is characterized not only by a number of Chinese products from the world, but also by a large number of foods you can not buy anywhere around.  Fishes, spices, herbs, restaurants and especially exotic fruits. So you can be sure that  find a durian will be easy here.

We were looking for it and we found it.  The whole fruit is either in the shops displayed outside on the counter or hidden in the freezer.  Because it is a delicacy, nobody wants to infest the store with a sting of durian.

In one street shop, the man sold it in a plastic closed box.  One piece of a durian about $ 15. Yes, you read well. Nothing stopped my boyfriend, so we stood with a durian in hand on the first corner, all our group of Slovaks, ready to feel the terrible smell.


One point of interest before you decide to read the whole story.  It is said that durian must not be combined with alcohol. And that the person who ate it, should not drink alcohol at least 24 hours after was eating  this delicacy from Asia.  This information comes from Asian stories, but you will also find scientific studies that say that the high content of sulfur compounds contained in durian is not good to combine with alcohol.  What can happen to you is not so clear. But usually this stories have some reason, I would certainly not drink it with some alcoholic drink.


Did we eat that durian finally?

 After opening the box with the yellow fruit I tell you that he smelled of the wind.  But it didn’t smell as we all expected. It was definitely not pleasant. It didn’t smell like something I would like to smell again in my life.  It smelled like rotten onions, garbage mixed with mildew cheese.

Its consistency was much less inviting.  Fleshy, or as rigid as a pudding with a hard fruit inside.  Anyway, it was nothing pleasant to look at. But we pulled a teaspoon and finally we all, at the corner of the Chinatown, tried peace of this delicious Asian fruit.

It wasn’t bad.  It was a bit uncomfortable, but whoever was eating Olomouc cheese would not mind it.  This fruit was but surprisingly heavy on the stomach. We tasted a maximum of one, two teaspoons of this fruit, but the most unpleasant part was when we burped after.  Indeed, when you feel like a trash can get away from your mouth, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Because durian fruit, which has not been heat-treated or drowned somewhere long time to become a perfect delicacy, but we could eat it fresh, I can say it is one of the less disgusting things I have seen people eat and I tried it too. But I recommend eat after some other food that will definitely not burp to you (do not drink sparkling water after eating durian).

One beer didn’t kill us in the evening

 Although we knew we couldn’t drink alcohol after we ate durian, we were drinking.  We had a beer in the evening, and no sign of durian. (understand burping the garbage) And the next morning we woke up, fine.  But I can’t say what would happen, if we eat the whole piece and drink vodka in the evening.


 If you want to try durian, boldly, it’s really not that disgusting as you might expect.  Or have you already tasted it? Let us know if you like it. 🙂 


With love Tina


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